Professional Website Designs for Perth WA

Websites are often overlooked by many businesses who undervalue the importance of a correctly designed and constructed website. Businesses who fail to realise their website is actually a lead generation tool and responsible for the success of their campaigns can easily waste time and money by sending leads to a site that can’t convert enquires or sales.


Why your company needs an effective website

For many consumers your website will be the first time they interact with your brand. They will make a judgement about your business, your creditability and your quality in the first few seconds they spend scrolling through your site. Your website needs to accurately reflect your business to build trust and stand out from your competitors.

The benefits of a great website are:

Your website should work as part of an integrated marketing campaign. By having a website with great copy and pages designed to capture leads you will convert enquires at a much higher rate and spend less in the process.

Your website is an investment
In many ways your website is more important than your bricks and mortar location and consideration should be given to the way your website looks and works. If your website accurately reflects your business a consumer will be able to trust you and will be more likely to engage your services.


How Dux Digital’s developers can help your website

The team at Dux Digital cut their teeth creating websites 19 years a go. Over the years we have created countless websites for some of the world’s biggest brands, whilst winning awards for the best website in Australia in the process! We know design and development like the back of our hand. We know what it takes to build a site that will reflect your business and will also generate a high number of enquiries.

Our websites are built on a foundation of:

With the continued boom in mobile and tablet devices it is no longer worth while building a desktop only website. All of our websites are responsive, meaning they provide optimal viewing across a range of devices whilst delivering a seamless brand experience.

Cost effective
A good website does not need to cost the earth. At Dux Digital, we specialise in crafting cost effective sites that are built to the highest standards and use the latest technology.

We build every website as if we will be running a digital marketing campaign to it (regardless of whether we have been commissioned to do so or not). This means that your website is designed to capture leads and work seamlessly with your marketing campaigns and SEO. Your site will be effective and will work straight away without the need to re-code later down the track.

Salvage experts
We have many clients that come to us with a website that doesn’t require a full re-build. By living by our value of being ethical, we won’t suggest a new website if you don’t need one. Instead, we quite often will work with an existing website by making tweaks to the layout or adding in content to ensure that it performing at its best.