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What is Email Marketing and Email Automation?

Email Marketing is one of the original weapons in the digital marketing arsenal and has stood the test of time. When implemented correctly it enables you to grow the value of your customer relationships and convert new prospects into avid fans. Email Automation is a relatively new addition that takes email to the next level by allowing you to pre-set a series of emails that will automatically be sent to your customer as they transition through the buying cycle and significantly increase your return on investment in the process?


Why you need Email Marketing and Automation

Email marketing and automation are digital marketing tools that are sometimes overlooked by many Perth businesses. Email marketing offers a cost effective way to create deeper relationships with a wide audience.

The benefits are:

Highly Targeted
With email marketing you have the ability to control exactly which information is sent to which group of people. By easily segmenting your audience you can be sure you are sending only relevant information to your customer and in turn fostering a higher conversion rate.

Lead nurturing
Email automation allows you to nurture a lead that may not be ready to commit. They may download your white paper or subscribe to your newsletter. This action can trigger a series of emails that will over time turn them into a hot lead by sending them relevant information with a pertinent calls-to-action.

Increase revenue and cross sell
By automating your messages you can easily send cross-sell, up-sell and follow-up emails. If you tie them to certain customer activity triggers you will likely see an increase in revenue and average customer spend.

Every element of an email marketing campaign can be measured. How many people open the email? What time of day works best? Which subject lines get the best response? And moreā€¦

Cost effective
Email marketing can be much more cost-effective when compared to other forms of marketing, and can be 20 times more cost-effective than traditional press advertising (source: Experian.

Increased customer loyalty
Email marketing enables you to create an on-going dialogue with your customers. By sending newsletters, promotions or even new service announcements you can effectively establish a long-standing relationship.