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Dux Digital

We are a boutique agency that uses creativity and strategy to deliver
measurable results for our clients. We do this by utilising the latest
digital technology to create websites and campaigns that help our
customers exceed their goals.


What we do

• Partner with businesses to create ground-breaking campaigns •
• Do amazing work for amazing brands •
• Exceed expectations, deliver excellence •
• Work with companies looking to be the leaders in their industry •


What we DON’T do

• Lock-in contracts •
• Report on impressions. Come on! •
• Stop learning •
• Make you come to us •
• Ignore your emails •

Our Services

A little history…

Dux Digital has been established under the experienced leadership of Justin Greenwood who has an enviable track record of working in Perth, Melbourne and London for some of the world’s leading brands including: The All Blacks, Manchester United, Trafalgar Tours, Land Rover, London 2012 Olympic Games Bid, Roxy Surf Wear, Australia Post, Yellow Pages and Cougar Bourbon.

Justin’s evolution through the world of digital was born out of frustration with competitors delivering poor unethical campaigns and terrible customer service. Dux Digital was created to become a place where only the best digital work is produced and this work is celebrated both internally and by our clients.

This passion and experience combined with our ethical approach to business is rapidly establishing Dux Digital as one of Perth’s most exciting digital agencies.

Our culture and values

Dux Digital was founded and operates within a values based culture. Our company’s core values shape everything we do, they are crucial to the success of our business and every team member lives by them. Our core values reflect who we are and what we believe:

The client is #1

At Dux Digital our intention is simple – do great work, for great people. We enjoy working with our clients and actively promote a partnership culture where our clients see us as an extension of their business.

Be ethical and transparent

Dux Digital has built a strong reputation by being ethical and transparent. This aligns with our personal values as such, it is not possible to operate in any other way.

Have fun

Life is too short to spend your time doing something that you don’t enjoy. At Dux Digital we look at everything we do and ask ourselves “does this make me happy”? If not, change it until it does.

Be so good they can’t ignore you

This is a quote from the actor and comedian Steve Martin. It was his response to the question “how do you succeed in show-business?”. He validated this by adding that if you are doing truly exceptional work people will find you, you will not need to seek them out. We do exceptional work!

Burn the boats

When Alexander the Great arrived on the shores of Persia his army was overwhelmingly outnumbered. Yet he gave the orders to his men to burn the boats. As their only means of retreat went up in flames, legend has it that Alexander turned to his men and said, “We go home in Persian ships, or we die”. The rationale behind this is that if we push ourselves without the possibility of a safe retreat we will achieve a great outcome.

Where we sit in the market and how we’re different

We’re a digital creative agency. We sit in the space between a traditional advertising agency, a digital marketing agency and a website development agency.

We use strategy and creativity in the way that a traditional advertising agency would, however we ensure that our execution delivers a real result that is measurable and fully transparent. We shun traditional media buying and favour new digital media channels.

We use digital tools in the way that a digital marketing agency would, however we implement creative executions that would typically be used by an ad agency. We create campaigns that are far superior to our competitors and deliver an exponentially better result.

We build websites in the way that a quality web agency would, but we build them with a marketing eye to ensure they truly reflect your business and are optmised to deliver quality leads and prospects.